About the Artist

Bold, strong pieces with lots of action. That’s the defining mark of Shelley Hunter’s sculpture. The Kentucky-based sculptor confesses to a passion for clay and an abiding love for bronze. This passion shows in her work and has been rewarded by numerous awards from shows around the country including multiple awards at American Academy of Equine Art Shows, The Anna Hyatt Huntington Award at the Catherine Lorilard Wolfe Show in New York City, Best in Show at the Equestrian’s Eye Show in Detroit, Michigan and many more.

Hunter has a bachelor’s degree in art from Michigan State University and spent time as a painter and ceramicist until she discovered sculpture. Then, as she describes it, bells and whistles went off. “I knew that this was what I was meant to do.”

Currently, she is re-exploring painting. “After years spent primarily as a sculptor,” she says, “I find that color is calling to me. And the lessons that I learned from sculpture, the anatomy and movement, are showing up in my painting. What fun!”

She specializes in equine subjects and says translating the beauty and power of the horse into clay and canvas is a constant joy. She likes to describe her style as “the inevitability of the next movement.”

“I like to push my pieces to the point where there is only one possible place it can go. The next movement becomes inevitable, beyond the point of balance.”

Hunter is a past executive director and full member of the American Academy of Equine Art. She spent years working as advertising director for several retail firms and is currently making her living as a working artist. “What,” she asks, “could be better?”

From the studio: Notes from Shelley


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